Our substrate solutions


We believe that plants can only achieve the best possible finish by optimizing the entire production process. Everything that ends well, begins with a great start. That’s why we make sure that our customers can grow and develop better products using our substrates.  We like to say that every crop will succeed with our plugs. This is due to our manufacturing process and the unique formulation of our plugs, which ensures that the entire crop is under the grower’s complete control.

Optimal balance

Our substrates are made from the highest quality raw materials. We work with each grower to determine the best formulation. The building blocks of our product ranges start with peat, coir or bio-based fibers sourced from the most highly qualified suppliers. As part of the process we will work with you, the grower, to determine the perfect ratio of these ingredients. We can advise you in making formulation choices based upon your unique challenges and our experience with a variety of crops and culture practices.

Easy to use

Our substrates are produced “ready-to-use” and are perfectly suited to automated processes. They are fast draining and are quick to rewet, offering complete crop control.  The substrates are designed to ensure fast, effective, and uniform growth.  Each component in our products contributes to a healthy root system.

For starting tissue culture, seeds, or cuttings, our products offer the best substrate for your crop!

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